Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Today we learnt who was going and who was staying at my school. There are a few teachers who I will miss seeing about, but overall we didn’t lose many…maybe 8 or so. Granted, that is almost a seventh of the staff, but it’s not too bad. We lost one English teacher, and got two in return. It does sadden me, but I know next year it’ll be a lot worse.
I’m rather sore today, especially my back. Go figure.

The ending ceremony was today. I was torn between wanting it to end, and wanting it to last longer. But, this semester is over, and a new one will begin…in about two weeks. So, from tomorrow is about 2 weeks of not much to do, but that is okay. Maybe I can speak with teachers about plans for next year once they know what grade they will be teaching.

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