Monday, March 30, 2009


The Farewell Party went well. The nijikai was okay. I think some of the teachers are trying to set me up with another one of the teachers. Weird. The third party was karaoke. I don’t really remember the last bit of it, but I did eventually figure out that I paid for it…since I checked my finances and I was about ¥15,000 short. Luckily, I did pay for it. I had thought that I hadn’t, and then not paid for the taxi. That would have been bad, but paying for it makes it okay. It would have been terrible if I hadn’t have paid or helped pay for some of it…I know I’ve done that before and it sucks. I figure paying for it is the least I can do for making them have to listen to my terrible singing. I did it gaijin style. Poor Japanese people - gaijin style was probably new for them. They probably had no idea what was going on at all. But we were all drunk, so it’s okay. Really, really drunk.

That was Friday, Saturday I went to buy tickets for a bus to Tokyo with a friend. I misunderstood one thing and the ticket guy got rather…cranky(?) with us. It was probably one of the worst experiences I’ve had with service here. From there, the friend and I went to Starbucks, had some coffee, and then left for cheap food. We suddenly met up with another friend at a soup restaurant, talked there for a while, and then headed for the cheap food in question. It was pretty good – not the best, but that’s okay. After our feast, two of us went to Yodobashi to look at computers…and other things. We eventually ended up in the games/toy section (because it’s the only natural course of action, really), and we tried to find him a sexy game. The sexy games were found, but none that met certain requirements. I’ll leave those up to your imagination. Spent probably about ¥1,000 on stupid keychains which I love. It was completely worth it…and I kinda want more. From there, we went to buy foodstuffs for a gathering that a friend was having. We arrived late…and that kinda sucked; she was pissed off. Luckily she didn’t take it personally, and we had a good time with great food.

Sunday…my stomach hurt all day - partly nerves about not remembering the last bit of karaoke, and partly ‘cause it did. I skipped out on pantomime practice. I just couldn’t do it. I cleaned my apartment a little bit, did laundry, watched 9 episodes of a strange Japanese Drama that I’m not sure if I like or not. It wasn’t the best day, but it’ll do. Some woman came to my door and made me fill out a survey. She honestly wouldn’t take my ‘I don’t know what you mean’ as it was meant and just kept asking the questions. Did she explain? Nope, she just kinda picked an answer for me. Luckily I got out of having them come to my door again. I honestly couldn’t be buggered to use the energy it would take to figure out her questions and answer them. She gave me a crappy mechanical pencil in return for my time and energy. I’m just glad I put on pants before I opened the door. But maybe I shouldn’t have…
I felt rather disgusting for most of the day. Lately, I’ve been treating my body rather badly. Granted, I had been going to boxercise, but I had been eating pretty badly so it made my body unhappy. I kind of want to skip out on boxercise tonight, but I know I shouldn’t. I’ll enjoy it, and I know that. I guess it’ll all depend on whether my clothes are dry or not. Lately, the people at the gym (as in the staff) have been talking to me. It’s a little weird for a foreigner, but I think they talk to the other people, so it’s probably okay…just…new.

Oh man. My belt it going into my back in a rather uncomfortable fashion. It’s not really that cool with me, but it’s okay. There’s not much to do about it. I can’t get rid of the belt, and I probably should stay at my desk.

Ahh, I can’t work up the energy to go to boxercise tonight. I know I’ll like it, but getting there might be a problem. Oh well. On a good note, I all but got told to come into work at about 9 tomorrow. Whoo-hoo - an extra hour of sleep that isn’t at work. Unfortunately the rest of the days there are meetings so I must come in on time. I think I’m going to grab some takoyaki and/or okonomiyaki from the store tonight and then get some comics and spend the night inside…although I should go to the gym. Perhaps I will. Who knows. It really isn’t too terribly important…I’ve just got about 42 minutes left at work and I ran out of things to do before I got here this morning.

I did go to boxercise. Again, it was amazing. Had some takoyaki; wasn't that good. Got told not to show up for work until about 9 tomorrow, so I shall. I gets to sleep 'til 8 - whoo hooooo!

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