Sunday, March 8, 2009


Yesterday was graduation for the san nensei (obviously). It was rather sad - I was moved by it. A couple of the students - boys, obviously - were crying before they even got to their seats. I admit, I cried 3.33 tears. But I did well-up with 'em about 33.3 times. Next year, I will be ballin' like a high school baseball boy who just lost the national championship by not pitching in a way that makes the other team NOT hit the ball...which is to say, a lot of tears. A whole waterfall. I love the kids - I'm really gonna miss 'em.

After that, there was the drinking party...'cause there always is one. It was nice. I almost fell asleep at the ni-jikai...the second party. Overall, it was an exhausting day...night...thing.
But there's no school on Monday, so that's good...?

On a side note, I'm up to page 65ish in my Japanese book. It's going well. I learned the word 'scold' from it. This whole writing down the Japanese and then translating it was a good idea. I'm glad I finally thought of it and my friend approved it even though it's kinda bad for the environment from all the paper wasting. But, if you want to read the second story of the 'Twilight Shrine Convenience Store,' then you can. I didn't do this for the first one - it was a good one about a middle schooler, his first love, and cats...don't ask - and the second is in the works.

Got play practice this afternoon. It should be moderately enjoyable. I'm playing a gangster and a school boy. Not at the same time, but in the same play.

On a completely different side note: I think I'm FINALLY over that cold. Yeah! Go sleep!

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