Thursday, April 2, 2009


I’m planning on quitting the pantomime today. It’s now 11.06 in the morning, and I don’t have access to the Internet here except on a shared computer and I don’t have my flash drive to take the Word file that I typed up my resignation in and take it to the shared computer to send it. So, that is my plan for tonight. Send resignation, and then go to boxercise.
I helped clean today at school. It was entertaining. I dirtied up my shirt, but that ain’t no big thing.
The Mocha Leme actually tasted pretty good. As should be expected with something made from milk, it separated. But, other than that, it was darn good. Chocolate and peppers work better. I wonder what other flavors will work with coffee and lemon. Something not milk based, eh.
All the 4-nen teachers had lunch (which is to say: everyone who isn’t an 1, 2, or 3-nen sei teacher is one…so the heads of the ‘departments,’ the (vice) principal, accountants, cooking staff, and nurses…and me, the foreigner) had lunch together. It was a darn good lunch. There was a little self-intro time in which I made all my hobbies a secret. Luckily they accepted that. I mean, I would have told them if they asked, but I’m bad at all my hobbies so the last thing I need is to have them go on display.
A girl who has spent the last 3 years in Thailand came in today. She’s going to be entering into 2-nen. Her English is darn good from what I’ve heard – I’m not sure if she’s fluent just ‘cause she’s only spoken about 3 sentences, but she seems like it.

I did send in my 'resignation' from the pantomime. Hopefully they'll accept it. If not...then it's really going to suck. A LOT.
Boxercise, or as they say it "Fighting Power," has changed into "Fighting" today. I'm excited to see what the differences are...if any. It should rock!


  1. Does that mean that you're going to be sparring in Boxercise?

  2. Naw, we never really did that anyway. I don't think it's technically boxercise that we did; it's just what the first person to go called it...and she's been here for almost 8 years and is our boss so we went with it.