Sunday, April 19, 2009


I realize how pathetically weak I am.
I take that as it comes, and hope that I can get stronger.
I worked yesterday, so I have tomorrow off.
On a sad note, it's the 20th - the gym is closed therefore no Fighting. I've been missing the Thursday classes of it lately. I'm not sure why, but I have. I'd better go this Thursday or else. I'm not sure what the else is, but it's bad. ...I think.


  1. How are you weak? I don't think you're weak :S

  2. All around general weak, me thinks.

    ...that, and I can hardly do 30 girly push-ups without a break :( The girly ones!! Oh, manly score down 50 points...

  3. Pfft! you're not weak!

    And don't let push ups get you down. Those things are hard, and not very fun to do. I can only do like 10-15 regular ones, and not even all the way down.

    My co worker showed me this website, if you're looking to level up your push ups skills:

    I have been too lazy to try it, but I really should do it. Maybe we could do it together?

  4. Sounds interesting. If I don't have to buy anything, I'm down with it. It could be fun, and either way it won't be bad unless you fall over, and then the falling over would be bad, not the program.

  5. I don't think you have to buy anything. They have all the steps listed on the site, so I think the book is more of a recommended donation ;)

    Wanna start our challenge? *gets ready to press Play on her Eye of the Tiger MP3*

  6. Consider it started, baby.

    ...although I might have to take a short break from it next week because I may be traveling. I may not be, so that is why it's amazingly tentative at this point... ...