Saturday, April 11, 2009


Today I went to the ALT art show. It was nice. It was nice to see everyone's stuff. Some of it was very good. I didn't stay there for long - about an hour/hour and a half. After that I bought a white out pen and came home. From there worked on some sketches and ... am now doing this.
The warm weather is turning cold again. I hear that by Golden Week it will be rather warm and spring-like. A couple of more weeks and we'll have beautiful weather. A couple of weeks after that it'll be summer, I'm sure. Go from huddling under three or four blankets trying to regain feeling in limbs that are too cold to deciding if you are really comfortable sleeping naked with all the windows open and no blanket. Hopefully spring will stay around for a good bit.

I read "The Little Prince" again today. Every time I read that book, I get something else out of it. Such a shame I waited so long to read it in the first place. Good book, that is.

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