Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today was a nice, nice day. I stayed in for most of it, but that was precisely what I needed, me thinks. I (almost) finished the commission I'm doing currently, I inked a picture, I made some corrections to a pin-up I'm working on (Storm), I cleaned up my room some, I watched 'She Devil' again, and I just relaxed. I also played a video game, and drunk about 10 cups of tea. It was nice. I put away the kotatsu table blanket, and put up one of the comforter-like blankets and the fuzzy blanket today. Somehow that makes the room seem more...springie. My room is not yet clean, but it seems closer.
A friend came over in the evening, and that was nice. We talked for a little while and did some Japanese studying. After that, we went out for ramen and then we both went to our homes. It was really great to talk to him. He somehow always makes me remember that living in the now is best and that no matter how lost I am feeling it's okay. I have a great job that I love and so a little confusion about where I'll be in 10 years is okay.

It was an overall nice day. I enjoyed it. I hope tomorrow is also a nice day.