Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Y'know, one problem with earthquakes is that even after they are finished you still feel kinda shakey and can't tell if there are smalls ones going on, or if it's just you. Most of the time it's just me.

I got to translate a love letter for one of my students. The letter's in English and I translated it into Japanese. It's actually a little surreal to be doing it. Weird, but I did it. And I did it with only having to look up a few words. Who knew my love letter vocabulary was so good? I certainly didn't.

If you are bored, look up 'muscle men' on google's image search. The really large guys are frightening...and muscley. I need to learn to draw muscley men. All my men are skinny little things. But, that is better then the women that they were.


  1. I'm happy we don't get earthquakes! Thinking about them kinda scares me...

    Men who are overly muscley are scary... but so are women who are overly muscely. But skinny guys can be muscely too. I think I would rather check out Bruce Lee then He-man lol

  2. That is true. If we call my men 'wirey' instead, perhaps that would be better??

  3. Maybe lean? Cuz the opposite of bulky would be lean, wouldn't it?

  4. I like that - lean. We'll go with that :D