Sunday, April 26, 2009


I did a little bit of shopping today. It was a good day all around. Met up with a couple of friends. Got my bus ticket, a couple of shirts which are amazingly too big, a couple of books including one on Indonesian for Bali travels, and a cheap notebook to take with me since it had a rather deep message for a cheap notebook, had some sushi with my friend, then came home, let a friend use my internet, then met up with another one Japanese translations and finally he, another friend, and I had dinner. Some garlic pizza to be precise.
The notebook reads:
Note Book
I've been hurt before
and I'm afraid to speak out
what's on my mind.
I believe you're just like me.
But somehow I know
this time all the magic
will come true.
This time it's real.

Love makes the world go around.
No wonder I'm kinda dizzy!

Rather deep, eh?
Overall, it was a good day. Tomorrow I guess I should start preparing for the bus ride to Tokyo, eh? I'm not sure the trip has hit me yet...but it shouldn't be that hard to prepare for it.

I also think I cut my hair too short, but that is okay. It grows.


  1. That's a crazy deep notebook!

    You're so lucky you get to go to Bali. We are making up lots of Bali stuff for work and it looks just lovely. Have an awesome trip! Post some pics! <3

  2. It is. I had to buy it after I recited it lovingly and a bit sadly to my friend.

    I will! Is there any sort of pics you'd like to see taken? Second hand-first hand research , baby :D (I might not get the reply in time, but there is hoping!)