Sunday, September 27, 2009


I met up with him at the bus stop, then we walked around for a little while and got a coffee. From there we went to get him a replacement contact lens. Then to lunch. It somehow turned into a date. After that, he walked me to the subway. I meant to walk him to his house and it turned out that he walked me 'home.' Ha.

Needless to say, no gym today. It's only 1611, but no gym. I kinda don't want to go back out and I NEED to study (notice the capitals, that means it's important). I WILL pass level 2. I will. I've decided. Now let's see if my follow through is any good.


  1. Oooo lookit you! Goin on dates and such! Can you fly a nice boy over to Canada for me? ;)

    Is this "level 2" for your fighting class?

  2. If I find anymore, I'll let you know ;)

    No, it's for Japanese language ability. Level 1 is the hardest, and level 4 is the easiest. (of course, hard and easy are relative terms here XD But acceptable ones!)