Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How it came to be that I rode on a bike.

It almost sounds like an epic story, doesn't it? It's not. Smash those hopes now. This is reality...a distorted reality, but a reality none-the-less.
Well, it was a pretty tepid Saturday. It had rained on and off all day. In town, there was a Jazz Fest going on. I had decided to go, then, on the subway, changed my mind and went to the bookstore instead. I didn't buy anything and came back home. I cleaned a little, and prepared to go to the Jazz Fest later that night. Then decided not to go and watched a movie. Just as the movie ended, I got a call asking where I was. I said at home, and he said that I should come out and that they'd all wait for me. So, needless to say, I got my stuff together and went to the festival. It was decided to go out dancing. But, it was still early (like 9.30ish). So, instead, we went to a bar. THEN went to go dancing. I saw a sign for an release party for Teriyaki Boyz (whom I LOVE!!) so I suggested we go to that club instead of the club that had been decided on. For approximately 20 minutes we drifted between the two clubs (since they are really really close) and finally it was decided on to go to the original club since the 'party was just about to begin there.' We went, we paid our ¥2,000. We danced. This guy started to dance with me. We danced for a little while then I went to the bathroom. After a little, I started to dance again and my friend came up to me to tell me he was leaving (we shared a locker). So I went to the locker with him so he could get his stuff out since I was still staying and the guy I had danced with started to talk to me. You know, normal things: what's your name, what do you do, how old are you, do you have a boy/girlfriend. And he asked me out. I said yes. It was decided to go for a ride on his autobike (motorcycle) and see the Jazz Fest. Then we went home.
The next day we did just that. I got to ride on his bike (which was AWESOME!!!!) and we went to the Jazz Fest. BUT FIRST, we went for a drive, got lost, got gas, ate agedofu (fried tofu). Then we went to the festival for a while. Then he drove us to the MALL and walked me home.
I like this guy. He's so totally willing to take it slow (at least so far). The furthest he's attempted is a kiss. I appreciate that. The other Japanese guys seemed to be just about sex, but he seems to not be. He's younger than I am by a year, but he doesn't make me feel like a ped. He's not like that. I appreciate that too.
The second date was set up to be this Sunday. Hopefully he won't grow tired of my by then... We're going to see Wolverine: Origins. Should be fun to see the whole movie with all the special effects in it and Japanese subtitles.

Ha! One of the teachers saw me on my date. Luckily she's my supervisor so hopefully she won't tell anyone. I haven't really told anyone. Just by best friend (one of) since I freaked out for a minute there and sent her an email. She talked sense to me, and now I just have to figure out what to wear. We're going by his bike so I need to choose carefully. I think if I wore my brown boots with the 3 inch (about) heels I'd be taller than him, and I'm not sure how he'd take that. I think he'd be fine, but you can never tell.

Seriously. Going out with this guy goes against all the walls I've built around myself for so long. It's emotionally trying. Good thing this didn't happen a year ago. I would have said 'No' flat out and walked away. Then again, I've changed in many more ways than most would believe in this past year. Many more ways.

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