Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Bunkasai (2009.09.05)

Or 'School Festival' for those who aren't familiar with that term. It was good. The theme this year was 'Limit Over,' and I got free food. Last time I didn't eat, this time I got enough food for lunch AND dinner.
(mind, this was on the 5th of September)
I got to see some of the shows, and the bands. To be honest, last year the bands were a little more awesome, but that's probably 'cause the people in the bands were more awesome (maybe 'cause I didn't know them, maybe because last year's 3rd years were, in fact, awesome). I got to walk home after this. It was good. It takes about an hour depending on the lights, so Fattie (that's me) got some good exercise. Nothing really embarrassing or interesting happened. I did play rock-paper-scissors for UNICEF donations. This second year asked for a donation, I told him that I had already donated and he called me a liar. So, being the sporting person I am, I said that we'd play rock-paper-scissors and if I won 2/3, I wouldn't donate more, but, if he won 2/3, I'd give ¥1,000 to UNICEF. We readied out fists and the fight began. He won. Twice. I gave, in total, about ¥1,700 to UNICEF, which, to be truthful, isn't terribly much, but from one person is quite a bit (I'm not rich, yo).

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