Friday, September 4, 2009

I think I'm going to get to walk to the bus stop in a thunderstorm. YEAH!! If I die, Candi, you get my comics (even the English ones!!), and Krisbones, you get the kid who wants to touch my body (he's a sweetie, really...). Everyone else, it's a free for all.

On another note, we (as in about 4 3rdyrs and I) compared bust sizes yesterday. It was...interesting. They're growing, you know. The 3rdyrs, not mine so much. I think mine might have gotten a touch smaller. Need to bench press more to make them smaller (why? Why not!).

On another another note, I got drewed on.



Can we tell the differences without looking at the labels? I think so. The girls were amazed I kept the poop on. Art is Art, my friend. Poop deserves love too. Just a distant kind of love...


  1. Yeah...sorry. No free comics for you <3 I get to keep them. And read them. Maybe sell them. Maybe make a fire with them (not likely since I have no burning grounds...).

    Update coming soonish. Like tomorrow. Or tonight. Depends on how late tonight is. If you know what I mean. (it should be early...)

  2. *phew* I think I would rather have you safe then have all your comics. But if you're going to sell them anyway...

    lol just kidding. Go Team You!

  3. Man, who am I gonna use to wash my clothes and make me delicious buttered microwave popcorn?

  4. you have a wife? A loyal friend? A serving girl?

  5. You can have Katherine.
    But, I'd refuse the offer if I were you...

  6. Would she leave my bag of popcorn and soul all hard and black in the middle and smelling like oil?

    Cause I already have a serving girl like that.

    By the way, there's an update on the anticipated Akua film over at R3!