Friday, September 18, 2009

I loved this dialogue from last night:
2: "Sherry, you've been looking really sharp lately."
1: "Yeah, it makes you look more..."
2: "Attractive?"
1: "No."

haha, it was awesome. I love my friends. He's a friend, so I don't take it personally, or even insultingly (which I wouldn't even if he weren't a friend).

Also, talked with a girl from the Fighting class. Apparently I look like a different person. She asked if I had a boyfriend and I said that I was dating someone and she said "That explains it." I'm not sure what it explains, but it does.

A lot of people have said that I've lost weight...slim downed...shape up! Which is fine...except when the students do it. That is kinda strange.

On a kinda related note:
I want this as a ringtone on my phone. But it's not available in Japan...and that makes me sad.


  1. Man, I'm gone for a few days and you've gotten more attractive, gone dancing, discovered that you're a sex fiend and more! What excitement!

    Never did get those pictures by the way. *Sigh*

  2. haha, it's a week of growth here.
    And, I didn't become more attractive. I became something else. Something that we'll never know.

    I know. I'm working on it. The one's of my friend's chest are proving to be harder to find 'cause I don't remember which folder or hard drive they'd be on. And, as for the other ones, they be on me camera and I just haven't taken them off it yet. iPod needs charging, son. iPod has presidence.

    I'll keep you entertained with an old picture: Kahteabd.

  3. Represent, darlin'!

    You haven't become more attractive just... Ethereal? Vague? Indistinct? Sexiliciousimal? Japanese?

    I think I'm turning Japanes, I really think so.

    I can tell because of the giant teardrop thing on my forehead and the catgirl that follows me around.

  4. You too?? I think I'm turning Japanese too...but mines mostly 'cause there's this weird robot following me around. He doesn't say anything, just occasionally the eyes.