Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Haven't really been updating 'cause I really haven't felt like it. Since I'm writing mostly 'cause I want to, I figure if I don't want to do it one day...or half a month, then I don't really have to. I'll try to get into the habit of doing it everyday. Who knows when I'll want to know about what happened even if it is mostly everyday things. It might be those everyday things that I miss the most. Who knows. All I do know is that I'll try. I make no promises, but trying is all I can do.
So, not much probably happened at school from 09.30-10.03. Probably hung out with the third years. I had an ALT meeting on the first...just like every month.
On the 4th, I went to Akiu and had some good nude times. By that I mean that I and a few other people went to an Onsen. It was fun. Met some Japanese from Fukushima. Not at the onsen, but on the walk towards the onsen.
Probably didn't do anything important on the 5th.
6-10 not too much to report. I went to help out at a school on the 9th, and then went to a seminar in the afternoon. Basically, I came back for lunch, and then left again. I also taught the third years "Wassup?" on Wednesday, but I'm not sure they got it. The one guy remembered it...after I said that I would be sad and cry if he didn't. The answer has yet to be learned.
"I'm fine, how are you?"
sounds a little strange, don't you think? I do. The whole "nothin'" as a reply seems to allude them. Oh well. That will come with time and practice. The 10th was also the ending of the semester. Had a nice little ceremony and enjoyed we always do when there is s ceremony. I did think that it was interesting that one of the teachers went and told one of the students to go tuck in his shirt. It was the cool guy who plays can tell he's cool by the fact that his shirt wasn't tucked in. I'm not sure it ever really is. I think on the 10th I went Karaoke-ing. I'm sure I did, in fact.
The 11th and 12th were Sport's Festival. Had to work. On the 11th, I went to the office, did some office like things, and then went to watch Volleyball. We lost to Tomizawa, and then won the next game...against someone whose name I forget. At night, I went to a concert with Jessica. It was pretty nice, but I still think the singer guy is probably a jerk in real life. On the 12th, I went to watch Baseball. We lost in the very last inning. I didn't notice any of them crying, but there might have been tears of sorrow. After that, went and had lunch, then went to a famous tofu shop (the tofu sucks up flavor like a brand new vacuum), and then to buy the traditional candy of Akiu...which I think is called hago. Perhaps. Perhaps.
After that, the 13th was a Sport's Holiday. I went to volunteer with a program for Down's Syndrome kids and their siblings. I meet one of my students there. I was quite surprised about that. After which I walked to Sendai with Mina and Mike, we had lunch, and then I went to the AER building. Went to Maruzen, and then to Office Vender. I now have the best schedule any 9 year old has ever seen. It's pretty sweet. Also got a kick arse pen with 7 colors, some highlighters, and some notebooks. Gotta work on this whole "studying" thing.
The 14th was a holiday. I cleaned my room like no ones business. Then, later, went out to meet with Caye and Jeremy. We went to Maruzen...I got more books, but this time they are Turkish and Russian, so they are for studying...studying. From there we had dinner, and then kinda split up and went our separate ways. It was a nice day.

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