Saturday, October 25, 2008


Today was a day of retribution...(ie: it sucked). The speech really didn't go over too well, especially that first time. The speech wasn't too bad as far as speeches of my caliber go, but the Q&A really sucked. I don't think I really understood the questions, and then I gave crappy answers. It really sucked, but there is nothing to do about it now...although the liquor and bread did help me feel better at least. Perhaps not the best way to make up for crappy behavior, but it kinda works. The second time wasn't as bad 'cause I had heard the questions before, but it still sucked. Basically, about half way through I wanted it to end, but obviously that can't be done. I just hope the 3rd years don't hate me for good now. If they do, effing H, but if they don't then I'm safe.

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