Sunday, October 26, 2008


I didn't leave the apartment at all today. I stuck my head out the window and looked at some helicopters and at the sign at the base of the apartment that says something like "People who move want" or something like that.
Not much was accomplished today other than completing some images, and sketching via PS...which I rather don't like. This is the first one for my Boxer-briefs club (I hate the bg, but we'll be working on it_, and the other one since I've drawn a give on a skull for the past two years, I decided to switch it up to make it a girl AND a skull. I rather don't like drawing on the computer, but we'll work on that in the days to come.
Don't snakes smell with their tongues? Watching HP2. That made me think of that. It's at the part where he's cornered by the Basilik, or however you spell it.
Anyway, didn't leave my apartment, wrote some emails, watched some movies, drew some pictures, drunk some liquor. I need to cut that last part out...tomorrow...or the day after...

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