Saturday, October 25, 2008


Today, I woke up late by choice, and then went shopping. I got a really gay plastic pad thing. It's not like homosexual gay, it's just really weird. The man in the speedo did it for me. After seeing that, I had to buy it. I also accidentally got a ¥1500 pen/pencil for my schedule thing. That pen/pencil better save my life one day. That is all I can really say about that. I also got another pen and a Happy Wedding card for my friend.
After that, I got a giant pig, and two small pigs as a wedding present. It may sound weird, but I hope they like it. I also got a small necklace for myself that I can wear to work, and some hair pins which I hope works in my hair.
After that, I went to the Disney store and bought some 50% off Vampire Stitch, a notebook, a pen, and a pencil.
Then, I went grocery shopping (it really had been awhile), and then got some bread from the most delicious bakery I think I've ever been to. It's my version of crack. I really do think it is.
Came home, and put the stuff away. Then started to type these up. Now, I think I'll watch a movie or ten and study...'cause I do have homework. The JET language course came to my desk on Monday, and I've been attempting to do them everyday since. The damn Kanji keep getting me. I have to make more flashcards...and that is what I forgot to buy that I had to. Oh well. There is always this afternoon/tomorrow/after that.
I didn't actually study. I cleaned a little, filled out a form, and took it to the post and then bought some things I keep meaning to get but always forget shampoo, and whatnot. I also updated my bank book, so life is good now that I have some idea where my money has been going and all.

...I also got some wine. I'm waiting until at least 5, maybe 6, to start making dinner and open up that wine. It should be a nice thing. A nice thing indeed.


  1. Man that fella on the left sure seems to enjoy eating his... Dear God! What are those?!?

  2. I think it's supposed to be turkey or something like that, but I'm not all. Which is probably one of the reasons I bought it.