Sunday, October 19, 2008


Today I headed out to the subway to go to the Loft to pick up a bag for Halloween goodies, and a couple of movies, when I stumbled upon the Taihaku-ku People Fest. It was kinda interesting, but mostly it was just games for kids, and food stalls. There was dancing, but I didn't stay for long.
At the Loft, I got a pumpkin bag for the goodies. Then, I went to the HMV in Loft. It's a music and movie store. I found Transporter and Transporter 2. I also got a CD. After that, I bought a marker. Just one...and by that I mean 4. I went to get one and then saw three others that looked nice too. But, they will be used, so I didn't buy them for naught. After, I went to Jupiter (a foreign goods in food goods) and bought some cookies 'cause I was going to go to a woman's house to make food (she's teaching me!). So, I got the cookies.
From there, I got on the train going the wrong way, so I got off and got on the right one. From there, I went to my stop, and went into the Mall. I bought some bread...which I ate all of 'cause it is damn good bread.
I finished most of the prep for tomorrow's class. Watched the Transporters and found a good scene to use if it weren't for the nipples showing. Drat. It was possible the best scene of its kinda and it's out the window 'cause of nipples. Drat.
At around 5, I left my apartment to go meet up with the woman who was going to teach me how to cook. We met up, I met her kids and we went to her house. It's a rather nice house. I liked it. And the cooking was a lot of fun!! It was a great night!! I have her eldest son, Takumi, tomorrow at the Elementary School.
She gave me a lift home. After that, I made mini-crabs, and started to write this. I'm rather tired, but I have to study I will, and then it's off to bed.

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