Thursday, October 16, 2008


Today was school as normal. That is to say that it wasn't a Thursday schedule at all, it was a Tuesday one, and we had something going on in the morning. Today was opening ceremony. That was the way opening ceremonies are. After that, had class with the 1 nen-sei's. A couple of them. 2 to be specific. Had some fun with "Who is~?" form. The other class we got to do a speaking activity. I handed by speech over to be edited to the teacher. Over 10 pages of dreamy goodness. I'll see how that 'dreamy goodness' stands up to the test of time...or editing. I think the editing is going to kill it, but that is what I get for not studying...and the teacher gets for asking the foreigner to do a speech.
At about 3.30, I left to go to Nishi Nakada Elementary School for some good times lesson planning. It was good times. I was early. It was a good day. We made a plan. A good plan. A plan-like plan. It's about Halloween. It should be fun. I get to go get a costume over the weekend...'cause one set of classes is on Monday (which I just found out about today). So, good times with quick planning. Halloween is really sneaking up on us here. About two weeks 'til it's here. I'm excited. Are you excited?
On a completely different note, I love my rug. I think I will get the blue one later on. I really just want to go roll on it. In fact, I might just go do that.

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