Friday, October 31, 2008


On the 27th, I went to Nishi Nakada ES. It was fun. Not much to report.
The other days I stayed at my school. Not much to really report from that. I'm slowly learning some more names. Got taught a word that, if I had just begun learning Japanese, I probably shouldn't know, but I've learned Japanese for long enough to feel fine knowing yet another naughty word. I think my inability to learn some of the names of the students is getting on their nerves as noted by "え、もう教えた" and then lack of name giving again. Damn retardation in the area of name remembering. Feel in love with the first years again through Halloween activities and with third years through...talking with them. I think I could fall in love with the second years if I were there more often...but I'm not, so it's kinda hard to do that.
Tests in two weeks. That should be fun.

Oh, also had a pretty big earthquake Wednesday night/Thursday morning. And by pretty big, I mean it's the biggest I've ever felt but it really wasn't that big.

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