Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Today is the last day of holiday. Tomorrow is work. A Tuesday schedule on a Thursday actually. We may or may not have an opening ceremony. I'm not sure yet...and I won't be sure until tomorrow when it happens or doesn't happen.
Went to get my Re-entry permit today with Kevin. It was nice, but one heck of a walk since we didn't know where it was and we got some interesting directions (mostly my fault that, probably). Either way, we made it, got a grumpy man who doesn't like foreigners, left to get the stamp, got a couple of more fun directions for the post office, got to the post office, got the stamp, got back and got the permit. We can now re-enter Japan as many times as we feel necessary for the next 3 years.
After that, we walked back to Sendai station. We went separate ways. I went to LOFT and got me a couple of rugs (the blue one was out :( ) and a yoga mat. The rug is for warming up the apartment...and giving color. The other is so I don't drip on the floor when I come out of the shower. And the yoga mat is Which I'm sure you could have guessed. Kinda sad that I didn't get the blue one. Maybe I'll go back and get the smaller blue on after pay day...which is next week.
Tomorrow is class and I've yet to make up a worksheet for "Who is this?" Perhaps it won't be too terrible. Perhaps it will. Who knows. I also gotta to finish writing that speech. GOOD THING I LOVE GIVING SPEECHES SO MUCH. I kinda want to skip out on my speech and go listen to the soccer players. Now that sounds interesting.

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