Saturday, October 25, 2008


I had some fun with first years since second years didn't have normal classes today (it's a special week revolving around dreams and the future). After that, I went to a seminar about Classroom Management. It was pretty good. It turns out I'm a "Firm but Fair-style" teacher. Yeah for me. Second was the "Laissez-faire style," but #1 is clearly #1. "Authoritarian" came in just about as last as you can get. There's another style, but I'll leave that one a mystery. ...I'm too lazy to turn the page back over.
Came home, and watched some movies, and typed up my speech for tomorrow, and picked out what parts of what movies to show. It took forever, but I did it. The speech is about 8 pages long. This is really going to suck.

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