Thursday, September 4, 2008


Today was my first day with second years. The girls are pretty cool, but the boys aren't nearly as cool. They are at that weird age, me thinks, where they feel that they are 'too cool for school,' so it makes them not as cool as they could be. Either way, it wasn't so bad, and I think I'll enjoy the challenge they may present. That, and I don't think Suzuki-sensei dislikes me - whooohooo! I thought she might, but it is just how we communicate with each other.
Definitely got to find out about the gym this weekend. That, and buy a yoga mat. And a book or two. Well, there goes my whole 'no buying' thing, doesn't it. Oh well, I need exercise badly, and those books have been a long time in the coming. Onomatopoeia waits for no man. And no man waits for onomatopoeia, so it's a shitty lifestyle.
Other than that, I gotta figure out a hair cut for myself. I want one, I just don't know how.


  1. don't worry that much about boys @ school :)

  2. Yeah, I think that they are just at that awkward age where they are trying to be cool, but haven't quite figured out how to be.