Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Not exactly 11 yet, but now is just as good as then to update. Now is a little better, 'cause by 11 I should be in bed. Doesn't mean that I will be in bed, just that I should.
Anyway, I didn't get to Yodobashi (an electronics store) today for a scanner. Maybe Saturday or Sunday. I did, however, get me some kick arse sneakers. You must admit, those some nice kicks. Men's shoes, 'cause that is how I do in Japan since women's shoes are too small as a general statement. And by general statement I mean that it is the case. I think the super-huge-women's shoes stop at about 24/25 cm. I'm closer to 27cm. These shoes are 26~26.5 cm and are very close to being too small, but I've got a good bit left before they are too small. Well, anyway, I got these shoes 1) 'cause I need them (I can join the gym now!!), and 2) I wore heels after a good while of not and my feet are NOT properly calloused, so, needless to say, there was pain. I only have one blister, but the balls of my feet are still a little angry at me and it's been over an hour since I took my heels off. But, before this giant shoe wearing fiasco occurred, Jessica and I meet up at Loft. I just wanted to buy some paper to try to make an English-word-of-the-week Comic thing, but, instead, I bough 21 Copics markers. I enjoy the markers greatly and want to get more. I've started down a dangerous road of marker buying and picture coloring. There's no turning back now. Nothing I can do but send some of my money back to America before it turns into markers (...or books...). I did get me some nice colors. The 'Night Blue' is especially nice, as is...well the rest of them. I also got 'Special Black' 'cause I was kinda wondering what was so special about it. Perhaps it's blacker than the normal black? Perhaps it gives back massages in the middle of the night? Who knows. All I know is that they are awesome, and that I spent way too much money today. And, Jessica was looking for a gift for her mom. It just wasn't me and markers leading people around. And she bought a stamp, so it was good for her too.
Tea time. Yup, we went to Afternoon Tea and had Cafe Ole's. It was good. That tea place is so nice! Really beautiful atmosphere.
From there, we went over to the AER building (which I lovingly referred to as the 'Maruzen building' when I couldn't remember what the actual building was called). There, we looked around a little for a nice shirt for her and then went to Office Vendor. She bought a notebook and a pencil, and I bought a no-line notebook and a pencil (.03 lead powaaa!). Then, we went to Maruzen. I bought even more books. I got "The 13th Tale" 'cause I had a huge desire to read it again, and then "Through Pictures, learn French/Russian/Italian" (3 different books). Those should be fun except that they don't really help with accents. Oh well, Jessica knows French so she can help with that, I know what Italian sounds like since I've studied it before, and I can listen to Russian podcasts and whatnot. It really is so true for me when they say in my Natal Report: "Sometimes you have difficulty remaining focuses, because the only thing better than what you are learning right now is what is on your intellectual horizon." Seriously. Too true for words, me thinks. I'm about half way done studying Japanese and already I'm ready for the next thing. BUT, I AM going to take the JPLT in June or July (I've decided this!) so I besta study. Not to mention, I really want to be able to read books in Japanese in a leisurely fashion instead of a studying fashion. I am. I will. It's a ¥6,000 investment that I'd rather not have to pay for twice for the same certification. Therefore, studying is the BEST idea.
ANYWAY, after that we kinda walked went to S-Pal (my feet were REALLY killing me at this point). We couldn't find a shirt for her though :(
We went into the Station to go to a restaurant, but didn't find anything that was both delicious and not expensive.
Then, the shoe store (which is in the AER building so we walked BACK to it, I bought my kicks, and changed them in the bathroom).
Jessica then called someone who she was going to meet up with possibly today. The girl asked for her to come, so we went to the Subway station and parted ways. Once back at my stop, I went to the kyuukyuu (¥99 store) and bought 2 things of milk, a Peach Tea, and an Apple Tea. Then I came home, took a shower, took that sneaker picture, and wrote this. I also drunk the Apple Tea and made rice somewhere in there. Now, I'm going to make a Battleship game and then go to sleep. I'm also going to eat the rice at some point before going to bed.

ps: Russian was the biggest of the three...just like in real life.

pps: I also bought 4 sweaters off the internet and spent WAY too much money doing that, but they should be here in time to keep me warm. ...'cause my school ain't got central heating, and neither does my apartment. Not to mention, they are some pretty sweet sweaters. Unfortunately, one is back ordered. This is them:
Numero Uno
My back ordered friend
As you can tell, too much money, but I really do like them...and will be transferring funds to cover it. I think the cost is worth it to be queerly dressed while teaching "No, you do not play study, you study. You don't play ski either, you ski." I figure I'm already strange, I might as well do it in clothes that I like. Although I think I might have gotten the wrong size for one or two. But, we shall see. Normally I don't mind a little loose, but I have one shirt that is loose and ventures into the realm of risque if I'm not careful with it. Sweaters generally don't have that problem though. Not to mention I've eaten so much lately 'cause of the cold that I think I gained a little weight. So, definitely time to hit the gym. Hit it like a ton of less-than-graceful bricks...but I think I'll have to wait to join until the beginning of next month. But, there is dance classes for once I get feeling better (still not 100% so I don't want to push it until I'm sure I'm fine).

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