Thursday, September 25, 2008


Yanagiu Elementary School has stolen my heart. It has. Those 3rd years are so cute. Needless to say, class went reasonably well today. I had fun. I don't know if it's an elementary school thing or what, but there always seems to be at least one rather cute. Nishi Nakada has one. Yanagiu has one. I think it's a thing with them. I was worried for no particular reason other than the normal amount of worry that one should have before basically putting on a performance for them kids. There were quite a few kids with brothers/sisters at the middle school...but, seeing as how most of them, if not all, are going to go to Yanagiu Middle it really isn't so surprising. Either way, it was fun, we introduced ourselves, and sang a song. They seem to enjoy the songs, interacting, and pictures. That Thor comic I bought has seriously gotten some mileage in the past day. Luckily, he's strong, so he can handle it. I still haven't finished reading it. I have a copy in America, and one here, and yet I still haven't finished reading it. I would call myself a slacker, but, I still haven't finished introducing myself to the students, so Thor stays at school in case I feel like whipping him out while introducing myself.
Anyway, I went to the middle school by bus 'cause I'm awesome like that. Apparently I turned in the business trip sheet too late 'cause the fact that I went to Yanagiu Elementary wasn't written on the board and I felt like a huge ass. I feel like I let the teachers down, but there isn't much that I can do about it now. ...and I did at least turn the sheet in...just late. Like a day late. Seriously. Sucks.

...and I just ordered some onomatopoeia books. Awesome. Since, you know, I needed to know more than just ira ira and doki doki. Fo' realz.

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