Monday, September 15, 2008


Yup. Definitely sick. I better be just peachy tomorrow mornin' 'cause I ain't takin' time offa work for a lousy cold that seems to be only affecting my nose. I'm still rather stuffy, but otherwise doing pretty fine. I really didn't do anything today. I woke up, blew my nose some, made breakfast while blowing my nose, ate it, blew my nose, did other things that I'm not sure about but I know involved blowing my nose, eventually made some kind of lunch, need more things while blowing my nose, and made dinner. While/after typing this I'm sure there will be nose blowing. But, a thing of note, I did clean/organize my room some. I got my bookshelf in a nice place where hopefully it won't kill me in the even of an earthquake while I'm at my desk. Hey. Did you know that Sendai is due for a giant earthquake? Yeah, I haven't really told many people that 'cause it might scare them. Personally a level 7 earthquake on the Japanese scale is pretty damn scary. You remember that giant Kobe earthquake years ago? Yeah, I think that was a 7. And I still don't have my earthquake kit prepared. I have 2 2 liter bottles filled with water and that is it. And I have that mostly 'cause I have the bottles and felt like it. But, on a good note, I also got a bin to put all me unmentionables in, and they are in it now. Well, except for the dirty ones/ones in use/ones that aren't 'cause they just aren't. Just a couple of more containers and things and my room will be organized. Just gotta work on some decorations. As it is, I have a calendar hanging on the wall, as well as a couple of bras (don't ask, the room comes with one wall that has movable hooks). I think I can do better than that. But, taking it slowly as to not buy more than I need and so I don't wind up with no money. Although, tomorrow you better believe that I'm buyin' me some OJ...I ran out. I'm down to tea, water, and vodka. And I highly doubt the Vodka is what I should be drinking. Yup, I think I'll be fine for school tomorrow. I'm down to one throat drop thing, but I can get some tomorrow from the Kyuukyuu on my way to the bus stop. I'm probably gonna be picking up some fruit like drink to take to work with me anyway, so I might as well so that as well.
Still feeding the cold, so I'm off to finish the egg fried rice I made.

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