Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Tests. Tests, tests, and more tests. Not so heavy on the grading today, but there were a lot of test taking today. Actually, half a day of it, but that is still quite a bit when it's the second day in a row and not finals. Poor first years were nervous 'cause I talk to quickly, but, for the listening section of the test, I spoke as quickly as I was told to. It's not my fault this time. For real. It's not. First time it was 'cause I was nervous as heck, but this time it wasn't. But, I did help grade a section of the test. I'm glad that they trust me enough to grade things. I went and asked if there was anything else I could do. There was. I stayed until about 6.30, and would have stayed a little longer, but one of the head teachers persuaded me otherwise. He also gave me a lift. We talked. It was nice. I think that I am lucky 'cause all the teachers seem pretty cool. And the students are pretty darn good too.

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