Monday, September 22, 2008


I talked to a little kid today. Life is good. Okay, so he just kinda asked if I worked 'over at that school,' and I kinda said yes, and then he kinda said that he can't read English, and then I kinda said good luck to him, and then we kinda crossed the street. Yeah, it's a good story. I think I'll tell this one to someone's grandkids when I get a little older. Maybe tomorrow if I can find some who speak English 'cause I like the story in English better.
Oh, I also had the privilege to see a pigeon poop for the first time. As in it was my first time to see this, not as in it was the pigeon's firs poop. I'm pretty sure that pigeon has pooped many times before. Honestly, Japan holds most of my pigeon firsts. In Japan was the first time I've seen them 'getting it on,' and the first poop time. I don't know what's next, but I'm pretty sure it's gonna go down here, in Japan. Hopefully outside.
As for school, I got to have fun with second years. They no longer seem to be as...unapproachable as I first feared. Not to mention a couple of my most favorite girls from the Volleyball team are second year. I admit, it was pretty fun even if they speak rather low.
Tomorrow is a holiday, so I'm going shopping...for a scanner 'cause I want one and think it'll be beneficial to my life.
...and I gotta make up activities for them kids and that there edukaishun.

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