Sunday, September 14, 2008


So...I am sick. I think it's a cold or something. Nothing is quite as lovely as being sick in a foreign country. But, I did manage to get some snazzy lime flavored throat drops yesterday, so those have been my savior for the day. Honestly, my throat doesn't hurt, but my nose is stuffier than an 18th century widow at a whore house. Not too sure what that means, but I hope it means pretty stuffy, 'cause I am. I'm also missing out on 'the BEST festival Sendai has to offer.' That being the Jazz festival. I'm pretty sad about missing it, but no way I'm leaving this apartment again. I think I might have an elevated temperature. Oh well. Tomorrow is holiday. I think it's 'respect elders' holiday or something. Such a shame I don't know the students well enough to see about getting a few to come and cook for me. Maybe clean my room. That would be sweet.
But, despite my apparent lack of enthusium for going out, I did go out. In the morning, I went to 'Shop 99' (called 'Kyuukyuu' by the cool kids - ie, me) and bought me some eggs ('cause I wanted some), some egg bread, and a crap ton of juice. 3 1000ml of OJ, and a smaller Veggie+Fruit juice. I also bought a sandwich and a packet of inari (rice in a fried tofu wrapper). And a snack called Caramel Corn. Oh, and some Okayu (what Japanese people eat when sick - kinda like Chicken soup for Americans). Came back and ate most of that (the okayu - not yet...the eggs too). Laid down for a little 'cause I honestly haven't eaten that much in a while. My breakfast is usually a pear of something right before I run out the door and arrive early to wait for my bus. After that, I made some Okayu (not the stuff from the Kyuukyuu), and scrambled up 3 eggs. You know what they say: "Feed a cold, starve a fever." least I hope that is what they say 'cause I have no intention of missing classes since I still haven't even meet half the students (fo' real. 800 kids, about 22 sections, and 7 of those get split into 2). I have most of the 2 years to see (I've only been to about 2 or 3 of those), and a few 3 years left, and like 1 first year left.
Well, after my food escapades, I went to the MALL to hang out and 'study' Japanese with 2 of the cool kids also teaching. We ended up going into an Italian restaurant and mostly sitting and not really studying much. Either way it was fun. I bought a container to put me socks, panties, and bras in since, as it is right now, they are on the floor in my closet and I want to get my apartment organized. I think when it's cleaner, I'll feel better. But, who knows. I still have a while to go on that, and I'm trying not to spend too much money and trying to save it. But, I did take another ¥10,000 out of my account. I hopefully won't use it until next payday (Friday!!!! or maybe Thursday since we have no school on Friday cause the Cultural Festival was yesterday). It's not that I'm running out of money, I just want to save as much as I can...without not living...if that makes sense. I think I'm going to see about getting a scanner. I miss drawing. I don't know why (I kinda do though) but I feel like I can't draw if I can't show it 'cause mostly it'll be stuff that I owe people. Either way, I've got a ¥10,000 gift card comin' my way as soon as I go to Yodobashi (an electronics store) and turn some sheets of paper in. Imagine, all I had to do was sign-up for the internet and they give me money. Maybe I can get some tissues too. Y'know, I'm not really a tissue person. Only when I'm sick do I use them. Luckily, my keeper insisted I get some. I don't know how much longer the box my predecessor left me will keep. I used like 20 last night (not quite, but I did use a lot).
Anyway, I'm back at my apartment, blowing my nose, and drinking OJ. I had to go to the bathroom like about 35 minutes ago, so I should get up and do that.

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