Saturday, September 20, 2008


We call this "One fell swoop post," 'cause I ain't doing one for all of them days mostly 'cause not much happened, but I will try to space it out...
17) Went to school, had some laughs...okay, not many laughs. Still sick, still in that god-awful mask, and still rocking out like only a foreigner in Japan 'teaching' English can. I meet with the teachers from Yanagiu Elementary School. Which was pretty good 'cause at that point I could barely speak. YEAH, IT WAS LOADS OF FUN. That, and I kinda don't feel like going there...I'M APPREHENSIVE BECAUSE THEY WANT ME TO SING A SONG THAT I DON'T KNOW AT ALL. And, yes, that does make me quake in my ¥45 mask. It does. Came home, ate a lot, slept.
18) Didn't really have much to least I don't think that I did. I don't remember. I know it was a half day for them kiddies, and that there was a buffet style lunch, but I don't remember much other than that. I stayed until 4, then left. Came home, ate a lot, slept.
19) NO SCHOOL!!! I went book shopping 'cause I'm a sucker for paydays and books. Well, that, and I was looking for 'The Count of Monte Cristo,' which they didn't have. So I bought 'Dubliners' instead. Have yet to start on it, but I have it. Other than that, I'M GETTING SO DAMN TIRED OF EATING. THIS COLD BETTER BE GONE SOON 'CAUSE I DON'T THINK I CAN STUFF MY FACE MUCH LONGER.
20) Woke early and did laundry. Drew a picture. Finished a book. Ate more than even god could handle. Wrote this. Life evens itself out.

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