Sunday, September 7, 2008


Today I met up with a couple of people and studied Japanese a little. Not too much, but it was still good 'cause it meant that I did something. It was fun. Next week we shall try it again.
After a little while studying, a couple of us decided to go to Maruzen to get study material. I know, I just went yesterday, but today I didn't buy anything although I did see a couple of Italian-English books which would be PERFECT for studying, but I didn't get 'em, since I'm running close to the limit I allowed myself for this month. But, I do need to buy bookshelves, so that will be a big purchase. That, and I want to buy markers, which will be a HUGE investment since they cost about ¥400 a pop. Either way, we went to Maruzen and then to a couple of stores in the Loft (where I saw the bookshelf that I think I'll buy one or two of, and the markers). After that, we went to have tea at Afternoon Tea, and got free book covers. (the picture is from my cell phone - it's Erica and Jessica) After that, we all went our separate ways.

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